Friday, 27 February 2015

As I sit here typing this, the phrase ‘That was the week that was’ comes to mind because this week has absolutely flown by but it has been a very busy week in school. We have started our ski trips and we have been holding the auditions for ‘Talent Night’ and it has made the half term break just seem like a distant memory but I hope you all had a pleasant break.

The ski trips have been very popular with most children so far. The actual ‘Snow Centre’ is amazing and when you are inside it you do feel like you in an actual ski resort and not Hemel Hempsted. It certainly fulfils the brief of giving the children an outdoor and adventurous activity and allowing the children to experience something we could not provide at school. For some children it was a totally new experience and although a couple of children did find being in the cold  challenging it means they will be better prepared to cope with it the next time they have to face it.

Although spring is on its way we ae still experiencing winter weather and with it all the bugs and viruses that go with it. My secretaries have informed me that we have received a few phone calls from parents informing them that as their children have had colds they will not be able to do outdoor PE. PE is a core part of the curriculum and if a child is able to attend school they should be able to take part in the whole curriculum and that includes PE. Obviously if there are medical reasons for a child being unable to take part we will respect them e.g a broken limb or if we receive guidance from a medical professional.

As I stated earlier we have been holding the auditions for ‘Talent Night ‘this week. They are nearly all compete and I will be sending letters to all those who are taking part early next week. I always let the families of children in the show purchase tickets first but after that we open them to the whole school. More details about the tickets will come out next week but remember to keep the 12th March free in your diary. We only hold these shows once every two years and they are always great nights.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all next week.

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