Friday, 18 October 2013

I am now returning to normal service with my blog after the disruption that has been caused over the last couple of weeks. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about I am referring to the fact that two weeks ago due to a technical fault my blog was not published and then last week I was at the Head Teacher’s Conference so I was out of school at the end of the week.

In school this week it has been a much more normal week although I have had to attend a lot of meetings so I have not been around some mornings to stand on the gate. Our school improvement partner visited us this week.  He was helping us set the targets for the coming year to ensure that we achieve the best from the children and also assess our performance over the past year. As we have just had Ofsted this was quite a straight forward exercise but it was still good that he confirmed their findings. Our job is now to get the school to outstanding and although it will still be just as challenging as before I am sure with everyone’s support it will be achievable. I do not think that a school should be solely judged on its Ofsted report but I do hope that the recent inspection has given parents the confidence to realise that we do know what to do to move the school forward.

I am sure that all the Year 5 parents who could attend this morning will agree with me that the assembly that we saw this morning was very good. I thought that the children’s interpretations of the fairy tales were very amusing and their performances were very entertaining. I would like to thank all the children for the hard work they put into their performance and also Mrs Richardson, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Ranzetta and Miss O’Brien for all their efforts in putting the assembly together.

We have a good start to next week because the Sharing Assembly is now on a Monday morning which is always enjoyable. We have changed the day of the Sharing assembly in response to a request from the Parent Council who asked that we do not have the assemblies all on the same day to help working parents.

Next week is also parent consultation week so I will see a lot of parents in school which will be nice. I would like to remind everyone that the consultations only last 10 minutes (15 minutes for Year 6) so do please keep to your time because if only a couple of sessions run over it can have a big impact on the smooth running of the event. If you feel there is a need to discuss something with the class teacher in more detail please make an appointment to see them at a separate time.

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