Monday, 14 October 2013

It has just been brought to my attention that my blog did not get published onto the website last week. I thought I had published it and it showed up on my laptop as having done so, so obviously there must have been a technical error. One of the main items of my blog last week was to explain that I would be out of school for half of the week as I was at the heads’ conference and that Mrs Zegallo would be in charge but obviously that is old news now as I am now back in school. Normally, when I attend this event I do not write a blog but because of what has happened I am producing a sort of ‘2 in 1’ with an explanation of what has happened and also some of the content of what you should have seen last week as there were some important thanks in that.

I would like to finish this week’s blog by asking that as I always publish my blog on a Friday that if people notice it is not there, and I have not given any explanation the week before that I am out of school, please do come and tell me. I will not be offended and will be very glad that I have been made aware of an error in the system.

Items from last week’s blog that should have been published on 4th October 2013.

I am writing this after a busy morning helping out with the Harvest Festival. This event has become a bit of a tradition in Little Heath and I look forward to it as it gives me an opportunity to meet up with many parents. It also serves a good purpose because we raise a lot of money for charity. I would like to thank the PTA and all the parent helpers who ran the event and I would like to thank all the parents who donated cakes and who attended the event because without all the support this event would not be possible.

Even more thanks are due because of the ‘Book Fair’. We have not got the exact total in yet but we sold just over a thousand pounds worth of books and whatever the final total is we get to spend 60% on books for the school. The generosity of Little Heath parents never fails to astound me. Again I would like to thank everyone (and that includes the staff) who helped to run the Book Fair after school.

We are having an increasing amount of requests to put invitations and letters into the children’s book bags so they can be sent home. We have a policy that we do not send any leaflets home via the book bags and that has been in place since before I arrived at the school. I have been informed that on a number of occasions, to try and help a parent, staff have overlooked this policy but this will not happen again. If your child has party invitations or thank you letters to give out they should do it themselves -particularly as one of our action points is to encourage independence in the children. If there is a class event you would like to advertise you can display it in the class window but we cannot guarantee that everyone will see this.


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