Friday, 19 July 2019

I cannot believe the end is in sight - or that another year is over. I can remember the end of last year like it was a month ago and yet another whole year has passed –I will probably be writing the same thing next year. I am looking back on this year with a lot of happy memories and I feel that the school has moved forward after a successful Ofsted and major renovations which have greatly improved the quality and look of the building. There is some more decoration due to take place in school over the summer so the building is not finished yet but hopefully it will be by the end of the year. We have also ordered the furniture for the new tech room and that should arrive by September and the room will be fully operational for the new term. 


As you know Year 6 held their ‘Apprentice’ event last week which was very popular and well received. I am pleased to let you know that the event raised £645.27 which will be donated to a number of charities which the children have selected. The group that won the event was called ‘Snacks and Soaks’, and they did exactly what their name suggested – they sold some snacks and they allowed you to throw sponges at members of their group and Mr Mills. I would like to congratulate the Year 6 on running a successful event and to Mr Gradwell, Mrs Ilott and Mrs Alimadadi for helping them to organise the event.


I did mention in my blog last week that the children had not been behaving like it was the end of term and I hoped that I was not going to jinx their behaviour by mentioning it. I am pleased to report that the children’s behaviour has remained chilled and they have remained really focussed on their learning even though it is the end of term. It has reminded me that the main reason I applied for a job in this school was because the children were so engaging and love to learn and I still think that now and it continues to make me feel really lucky to work here. I also think that how children behave is a reflection of how they have been brought up so the fact that they are so lovely is down to you their parents and for that I thank you all for that.


This is my last blog of the year as I will not be writing one next week. Please remember that we finish at 2.00pm on Tuesday. I would like to wish all the Year 6 every success for the future and I hope you all have a brilliant holiday. I look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday, 3rd September.


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