Friday, 10 June 2011

It has been a slightly quieter week in school because Year 6 have been away on their school journey to Kingswood. As I type this they are on their way back and by all accounts have had a fabulous week. It will be nice to see them back in school next week though. Year 5 have also had a different week as the majority of them have been doing their cycling proficiency award. All of them have passed and their instructors thought they were the best group of children that they had ever taken.In fact the instructors were very impressed with the whole school and they said that whatever we are doing here we should bottle it up and take it to other schools. They even asked if our catchment area could stretch as far as Buckinghamshire so their grand - daughter could attend. It is always good for me to hear things like that because pepole like them visit a lot of schools and it is nice to know we stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Next week was supposed to be a'Health and Fitness' week in school but Mr. Mills is out for a lot of sporting events next week and we have the 'Summer Fayre' so since there is so much going on we have decided to do it the following week.

I hope to see you all at the 'Summer Fayre'next week. At the moment we are still a little short of volunteers so if you could spare a little time to help out the PTA and the school we would greatly appreciate it. With all the cuts and changes that are going on with local government at the moment schools are going to have to become a lot more self sufficient financially so these fund raising events are going to become a lot more important for schools to buy essential resources rather than just luxuries.

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