Friday, 15 December 2017

What a week this has been - and we still have Christmas to come. It is always a really busy time in schools at this time of year so we really could have done without the snow on Sunday which caused us to shut on Monday. I always hate having to close the school but I think that so many roads were so treacherous that it was not worth the risk of trying to get here on Monday morning. Not that the roads were that much better on Tuesday but we did all get here (eventually) so that we could open. I have to say the grounds looked beautiful with all the snow so we did let the children go out on the field for a short time on Tuesday so they could experience the feel of snow as we do not get it that often. However, snow is only attractive while it is fresh and I am sure that like a lot of people I want it to go once it has been spoilt by footprints and it turns all slushy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two people who came to help us clear the snow on Tuesday morning.

Thankfully the weather did not stop our Christmas performances from going ahead during the week and we were treated to wonderful performances from our foundation and KS1 children. They all sang beautifully and all the people I have spoke to thought that the KS1 production of ‘Angel Express’ was one of the best they had seen. I would like to thank all the children for giving us such enjoyable shows and I would like to thank all my staff for all their efforts in putting two such wonderful performances together. They really help to make the Christmas season special.

Yesterday we had our Christmas lunch at school. The children always enjoy this day because we have music in the playground and all the teachers serve them their food. They then have an extended lunch hour followed by a movie in the hall. The staff also get a chance to enjoy a Christmas meal thanks to the parent volunteers who assist me in supervising the children on the playground. I would like to personally thank all the parents who came into the school to do this. I think they found it an enjoyable experience – at least they were all smiling when they left the school.

Today the KS2 children are enjoying their Christmas Party - the KS1 children have theirs to look forward to on Monday and there is a rumour that Father Christmas himself is going to make an appearance at that party. We also have a pantomime for the children on Monday and this year it is going to be ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This is something that the children all really enjoy. Then, on Monday evening, we have one of my favourite events which is the KS2 Carol Service.

It certainly is an action packed end of term and we will definitely be ready to break up on Tuesday. I will not be in on Tuesday so this will be my last blog for 2017. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please remember that we finish at 2.00pm on Tuesday and that all the children are due to return to school on Thursday, 4th January.

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