Friday, 5 January 2018

I hope that you all had a brilliant Christmas and are all enjoying the New Year. As I explained in my last blog I had to be out on the last day of term so I would like to take the opportunity now to thank all the people who sent me Christmas gifts. I feel very fortunate to be working in such a generous community.

Coming back to work after a holiday is always difficult but I do like getting back into a normal routine after the Christmas break. It is such a busy holiday that the work environment always appears calm in comparison. The children, as usual, have also settled back into the school routine well although I have to admit that when I took assembly on Thursday morning one or two of them did look very tired – I am sure that they will get used to having to get up early by Monday. We are also starting all of the school clubs again next week so that helps school become even more exciting for many of the children.

Our return to school  yesterday was dampened by the weather which was not kind to us. It absolutely poured in the morning and then the wind blew in the afternoon. There have also been some forecasts predicting snow for the weekend but I have checked weather sites myself and this does not appear to be the case. May I remind you that if we do have to close the school for any reason we will inform you by text. I do always try to keep the school open and only close it if I think that there are health and safety concerns. I know this can sometimes mean that parents do not get the information as soon as they would like but it is my priority to keep the school open and only close it if it is absolutely necessary.

That is all for now – I hope that you all have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

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