Friday, 7 December 2012

There has been a lot of hustle and bustle in school this week with all the preparations for the Christmas Fayre. I know the PTA were absolutely delighted with the amount of contributions that they received last week and they were telling me that it was the most they had ever received. Everything is almost ready for the big day but the last thing that we need to make it a big success is your attendance. There is going to be lots to do and buy so please come along, spend some money and make all the hard work worthwhile. Remember all the money raised goes towards enhancing the learning of children at Little Heath.

Unfortunately I am going to have a little moan now because parents dropping off in front of the school is becoming a bit of a problem again. More and more people are pulling up on the zig- zag yellow lines to either drop off or pick up children. Then they try and manoeuvre a three point turn to get out and end up going onto the pavement that people are walking on. I mentioned a few weeks ago that there had been a car accident outside the school but this does not appear to have deterred people. I hope we do not have to wait for a child to be run over before people actually stop doing this. I have been talking to the Hertfordshire police and they have told me that they will be sending someone down to check on the parking.

Winter certainly arrived this week and I know that I was not the only person to be amazed when they opened their curtains on Wednesday morning to see the snow. Of course no matter how much inconvenience it causes on the road the children still love it and they love to be outside to play in it. Unfortunately it was not quite deep enough to build snowmen this time but the children still love being out in it so can you please ensure that on snow days you do send the children in with suitable footwear to go outside in – even if it means they bring their school shoes to change into . You may also want to send them in with a spare set of socks in case the ones they are wearing get wet.

I look forward to seeing lots of you at the fayre on Saturday – I will be working on the picture key ring stand with Mrs Zegallo. She will be the photographer and I am her glamorous assistant.

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